Orthopedic mattresses are quite unique in their qualities, as they are quite frequently used as aids to help people with back and neck problems get a good night’s sleep. Orthopedic mattresses are designed to do a few different things. They’re supposed to relieve stress and pressure on joints, alleviate back pain and align the spine so it is straight while sleeping. They achieve these things through a variety of different methods. Among people who use these mattresses are those who spend a lot of time in bed, as they help reduce the potential for things like blood clots and bedsores. Orthopedic mattresses are often used for patients who have been or are to be hospitalised for a long time. As there is limited movement for these people, an orthopedic mattress is an important part of the care they receive for the duration of their stay.

The most common types of orthopedic mattress are memory (or latex) foam, or pocket spring orthopedic mattresses. Memory foam moulds itself around your body as you lie on it, an ideal solution if you’re finding it difficult to sleep comfortably and reduce pain. Latex foam mattresses have a similar effect to memory foam mattresses, but are considerably firmer, and more springy. They don’t form themselves around you either, they simply return to their normal shape instantly when you get up. Orthopedic mattresses with pocket springs are quite possibly the least likely to let you sink into them, but they do provide the best support, and the composition of the springs prevents any movement from affecting the rest of the bed (e.g if you were sleeping next to a partner, your movement would disturb them considerably less than that of a memory/latex foam orthopedic mattress).

Essentially, orthopedic mattresses work by supporting your joints, specifically your spine so that it’s straight, preventing any unneeded pressure and helping to provide a good night of sleep.


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