The side sleeper secret is to keep your back as straight as possible. The best way to achieve this, big surprise, is with a great mattress. Find a mattress that supports the curvature of your body while still embracing the pressure points of your shoulders and hips.

Other helpful side-sleeping techniques are to position a pillow between your legs, and use a tall pillow that aligns your neck better with your back (as opposed to sleeping with your head cocked to one side like you can’t understand what I’m saying but you’re going to pretend like you do anyway).

Side sleepers often run into shoulder pain caused from too much pressure applied to the rotator cuff. The key to fighting shoulder pain — besides turning over — is the correct pillow height and arm position. Find a pillow that provides good support for your neck and is the right height to keep your spine in alignment. You can also wear an arm sling to bed to keep your shoulder in a comfortable position throughout the night.

Stomach-Sleeping Benefits

Stomach sleeping can reduce snoring and help in some cases of sleep apnea. Plus, many mattress huggers find sleeping face-down comfortable because of the feeling of fluffy softness against their faces and bodies. When a position is comfortable, you stay in it longer, not turning over like you’re on a spit roasting over an open fire.

Stomach Sleeping Cons

If you’re a stomach sleeper, we love you, but your sleep style probably isn’t doing you any favors. Having your head jammed to the side all night can lead to a sore neck in the morning. Lying chest-down straightens your spine into an unnatural position, leading to all kinds of lower back pain. And if you’re pregnant?

How to Make the Most of Stomach Sleeping

If sleeping on your stomach really is the best way you can get a quality night’s rest, then here are a few ways to make it more comfortable:

Switch out that thick pillow for a razor-thin one (or no pillow at all)
Prop a pillow under your pelvis to add some curve to your spine
Do some stretches in the morning to ease back pain


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